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Golden Fox 6" Moc Toe Wedge Work Boots

OG600M-E Tan

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Good mocs at a great price, runs LARGE, read for sizing Review by W. Li (Vancouver, BC)
To be honest I really didn't need to buy these since they are quite a bit more casual and chunky than what I'm wanting to wear nowadays but at less than $50 and welt construction I figured this would be my chance to try them out and maybe use these as guinea pigs for local shoe cobbler service down the road since our cobblers here by and large have had mixed reviews.

I ordered the tan since it came with the discounted price and as usual the colour is (preferably) not quite as pictured - it's more vibrant as opposed to the dull looking finish from the stock images. It resembles a dull yellow mustard and luckily is not the golden yellow that is ubiquitous with the Timberland work boot with the padded collar.

First off, the right top cap at the seam was sewn too far up vs. the left boot so it rolls over the stitching and creates a "bump". It's definitely noticeable by itself and is very much a QC issue though entirely cosmetic. It bothers me but not enough to request an exchange. There have also been reports of poor stitching at the welt so spotty quality control might be something to expect before you order. However for me I tend to have lesser expectations at these price points.

Again, at this price there are details, seemingly minute and could be tolerated depending on the persons but are cons nonetheless. The tongue width is lacking at the top as it tends to shift over a touch but enough to have one side of the tongue slip through. It is gusseted however. Naturally at this price range the leather quality can't compare to the household names (1000 Mile, Red Wing, Alden) and these are well below Chippewa's GQ Lacer but for what it's worth it is a fairly pliable full grain with a padded tongue and far ahead of what you find from fashion brands still (and for less money to boot). The collar is padded but in my experience the inner liner on these will wear from the constant contact as the material appears and feels man-made (as indicated inside the tongue) so I'd wager that they'll start to wear over time and the foam will come through. The D-hook eyelets look sturdy enough but for those who like to really tighten down their laces I can see these deforming with repeated use. The laces seem a little thick for the spacing on the D-hooks (or the hooks themselves are too narrow) as the laces do not glide around them. The laces themselves run long even though I prefer wider lace spacing. The insole is comfortable enough but is thinly padded but feels horribly cheap and seems to be made of similar material as the inner collar (man-made). It provides unnecessary friction as you slip these on with socks so an insole investment may be worthwhile.

Goodyear welt construction means these can be re-soled but I feel this feature is probably redundant given that the lower leather quality despite being full grain is probably not worth re-soling and would actually be cheaper just to buy new instead.

As my feet tend to show displeasure rather immediately (pinky toes being cramped) these were extremely comfortable out of the box and should require minimal break-in. I have E width feet with a higher in-step and it fits well at the tongue with good room at the vamp and toe box.

As for sizing the reviews are all over the place so I was mostly worried on purchasing the wrong size since these were not fulfilled through Amazon. Anyway, I was expecting true-to-size but these absolutely run larger than that, in fact these run larger than other true-to-size brands. For comparison, with my cranky pinky toes and overall size, I am an 8D in my Red Wing Beckmans, 8D in Chippewa GQs, 8E Allen Edmonds 5 last and 7.5 in Converse Chucks so the 7.5 I had ordered had much length to spare. I could fit in a thick pair of socks and still have room in the toes thus a 7 would have best fit me and would still provide wiggle room up top. I would wager that for regular D width feet with a regular in-step in similar length 1 full size down from true-to-size is absolutely necessary and potentially up to 2 full sizes down from more typical fashion/mainstream/mall brands.
I noticed on the Amazon app that there was additional information in the product description not found on the website (as far as I could see) with Golden Fox listing bare foot measurements and what sizing you should correspond with for these boots. They are as follows:

Foot Length (heel to toe):
Size 7 = from 25-25.5cm
Size 7.5 = from 25.6-25.9cm
Size 8 = from 26-26.3cm
Size 8.5 = from 26.4-26.7cm
Size 9 = 26.8-27.2cm
Size 9.5 = 27.3-27.6cm
Size 10 = 27.7-28cm
Size 10.5 = 28.1-28.4cm
Size 11 = 28.5-28.9cm
Size 12 = 29cm-29.7cm
Size 13 = 29.8-30.6cm

As my foot measures roughly 255mm I should’ve gotten a size 7 based on this chart. This might be the most useful for you for sizing these boots.

What else can I say? You could easily do a lot worse in this price range. Obviously there are sacrifices but on the whole it’s a whole lot of boot for not much money. I'm looking forward to testing longevity since these will be my first boots that I'm willing to really beat the hell out of. Time will tell.

ref. (Posted on 1/6/2015)

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