Golden Fox 6" Moc Steel Toe Wedge Pro Work Boots

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G-OG620U Brun
  • Full Grain leather
  • Pig Skin Collar
  • Leather Strap
  • Enhanced Rust Resistant Speed-Lace Hooks
  • Mesh Lining
  • Dual Cushion Comfort Insole
  • Shock Absorbing Heel Cushion
  • Bontex® Footboard
  • Oil & Slip Resistant
  • Polyurethane Wedge Sole
  • Goodyear® Welt Construction

The OG620U is part of our 6" Moc Toe Work Boot collection. Our safety work boots come with an ASTM certified steel toe cap that reinforces the toe area, preventing impact from heavy objects. These men's work boots are designed to fit just about any industrial or construction job that requires steel toe boots.

We start by hand-picking and cutting the finest oil-tanned full grain leather cow hides. Full grain is known as the strongest, most durable layer of the hide which sits just below the hair. Because of its tight grain pattern, the upper is known to be water repellent. The boots are assembled with Rust-Resistant Eyelets and Enhanced Speed-Lace Hooks for durability against the elements. They are then lasted with one of our safety steel toe caps and impact tested to the standard F2413 M/I-75/C-75. Because it's a steel toe boot, we design the toe box to fit wider than most work boots. The steel toe cap is lined inside with a soft padded fabric to add cushion for the toes.

An anti-microbial moisture-wicking fabric is lined and supported throughout the inside of this comfortable steel toe work boot, providing better insulation during cold working conditions and preventing odors from occurring. A soft pig skin padded collar is wrapped around the steel toe boots to provide ankle and leg comfort. Goodyear® Welt Construction, one of the strongest ways of assembling footwear, is used to stitch the uppers to our signature Wedge Pro® Polyurethane outsole. The design aspect of the Wedge Sole is most crucial for today's Iron Workers and Pavers. Not only are the soles easy to clean, they have an important safety feature. Unlike the pattern on Lugged Sole boots, the Wedge pattern allows Iron Workers to walk freely without worrying about tripping over a rivet or getting their heel caught on a part. For Pavers, asphalt and concrete will less likely be stuck in the grooves, which can damage the integrity of the work boot's traction. When you use your feet to make a living, make sure you're well protected with a safety steel toe wedge work boot made by Golden Fox.


Oil Tanned Leather  

Oil-Tanned Leather

Oil-tanned leather is a full grain hide that has been tanned and treated using a non-pigment method. Because less finishing materials have been used, it retains a more natural and rugged appearance. Visible markings or scars that have occurred during the animal's lifetime are occasionally found on full grain which adds a unique characteristic to every boot, truly making each pair yours.

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